Two sets of twins perish in Mpumalanga fire


There has been another shack fire that has claimed the lives of children.

In the latest incident four kids were burnt to death in Marikana Informal Settlement in Hendrina, Mpumalanga. They were two sets of twins aged eight and 13.

Police say it has yet to determine the cause of the deadly blaze but loose cables were visible on the ground. It’s suspected that there may have been an illegal electricity connection.

It’s understood that the mother had left the children in the care of their 17-year-old brother. Police say when the fire broke out, the youngster tried to rescue them but the fire had already advanced.

The mother and boy were taken to hospital as they were in a state of shock.

At the weekend three children died in a fire in Wesbank in Cape Town. They were one, four and nine. The cause of that fire is still being investigated.


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