Duped Thulsie twins enter plea bargain with the state


[Picture: Papi Morake / Gallo Images]

The Thulsie twins who were charged on allegations of planning attacks have entered a plea agreement with the State. They will only be eligible for parole after serving half of their remaining sentence, according to legal expert, Riaan Louw.

The South Gauteng High Court sentenced Tony-Lee and Brandon-Lee Thulsie to eleven and eight years’ imprisonment respectively. The two have been in prison for six years.

In 2016, the twins were arrested for allegedly scheming a series of attacks on Jewish centres and the US Embassy.But it has emerged CIA operatives instigated the plot, baiting the twins.

Under the plea bargain, the Thulsie brothers accepted they attempted to travel to Syria twice in 2015 to join the so-called Islamic State(ISIL) militant force and potentially conduct terrorist activities. On both occasions, authorities prevented them from leaving.


Thulsie twins were manipulated – Lawyer


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