Hezbollah drones recon gas field sending message to Israel


(Picture: Al Manar)

The Lebanese resistance has displayed its readiness to defend the Arab country’s natural resources. Hezbollah carried out a reconnaissance mission over the Karish gas field which Zionist Israel is trying to claim.

The gas field is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea.

According to the resistance movement three unarmed drones of different sizes were deployed.

The Israeli occupation military confirmed this but alleged that it intercepted the drones. But Hezbollah says its mission was accomplished, and the message was delivered.

Last month Hezbollah warned that it’s ready to take action if the Lebanese government confirms that Israel is violating the maritime rights of the country, after a gas drilling ship arrived in the disputed waters to conduct hydrocarbon exploration for the Israeli enemy.

Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun condemned the move by Israel, warning that any activity in the disputed waters would amount to an act of aggression and a provocation.


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