Islamic Jihad marks 35 years of resistance against Zionist Israel


(Picture: PIJ)

It’s in the best interests of Muslims to strengthen the Axis of Resistance.

The Palestinian movement, Islamic Jihad’s Secretary General Ziyad al-Nakhalah says that this is order to counter the coalition formed by the US and its allies. He notes that the Zionists and their aides have left no stone unturned in severing all relations with supporters of the Palestinian cause, and to isolate their nation.

Nakhalah’s remarks come as Islamic Jihad is marking its 35th anniversary since its founding. On this occasion the resistance leader reaffirmed their resolve to fully liberate their homeland in the face of the Israeli occupation. He says the Palestinian resistance front can sink Israeli occupation forces to the depths of despair.

In recent weeks the Zionist forces have been conducting near-nightly attacks and killings in the northern West Bank, mainly in Jenin and Nablus, where new resistance groups have been formed.

Over the past year new equations have also been set in the battle with the Israeli enemy. The Palestinian resistance has been working closely with other Middle East resistance movements like Hezbollah in their military responses.


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