Exploration and exploitation: Can Africa’s natural resources bring change?


Mozambique has begun extracting and exporting natural gas in what economists are saying could be a boon for African nation. Indeed, among the first shipments which are being extracted by Italian company Eni are destined for Europe.

The discovery of gas around a decade ago has been – like in other regions – touted as the turning point for Mozambique to see its economy boom and its people’s lives improve…but is that really the case?

Up north, Nigeria has been producing oil for decades… but if you speak to the people there and in other regions, the natural resources, like the gold, diamonds, platinum, uranium, cobalt and tantalum exploited from Africa has never brought riches or better lives for people here.

The Diplomats Discourse explores whether Africa will allow itself to continue being the West’s scapegoat or take steps to bring change.

Guest: Barry Wugale – Ogoni activist and author of Africa in Captivity: It’s time for the Churches to stand up

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