Al Widaa Ramadaan: Principles of Tawakkul


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Eid Message: Tashreeq Truebody, Station Manager

As we mark this auspicious occasion of Eid-ul Fitr, and bid farewell to the holy month of Ramadaan, I wish to underscore some of the lessons the month leaves us with. Nearly all of them are themed with the necessity to not only become resilient as a community, but for this resilience to be underscored with the principles of Tawakkul. This has been captured so succinctly on Radio 786 in the last month.

The examples are too expansive to document and so ill highlight a few that stood out:

  1. Mahdi Kriel in the Shuhrul Quran series reminded us that Muslims must occupy and be active in all areas of society. They must be – as he charged – involved in the local madressa and school, become an active member of civil society, and be involved in political and government spaces. Muslims must serve is the point, and to be able to influence. And as he concludes, when they do so, they must never forget that they are Muslims first and foremost.
  2. It was the Tafseer of the Quran Segment with Shaykh Shahid Mathee, that highlighted that Nabi Ebrahim (AS) did not only destroy physical structures of those idols. Those idols represented a system, one which requires a head-on confrontation. One, that we draw lessons from to ensure that it should not find a space in what is meant to be an enlightened society.
  3. It was in the weekly programme presented by Moegamat Groenewald where we learnt about the establishment of political Islam in the Southern Cape, which acted as a foundation to resist colonialism and Apartheid. From listening to a collection of institutional memories, this programme emphasised that this council of elders, sought to establish a brand of political Islam that gave expression to Quranic principles that resolutely resisted oppression. It also reminded us that whilst we become rightly generous during this month, it challenged us to expand our role as the Muslim collective to establish a system of sustaining this noble deed into a social order that meets the objectives of Zakaah in totality.
  4. And lastly, all of these are ideals are what we should be striving to attain. Whilst Tawakkul, Radio 786’s programming theme for this Ramadaan, sought to encourage a collective effort to work towards attaining this level of faith in our creator, it should never be misplaced for not putting in the work. As professor Nuraan Davids reminded us in the Voices of Wisdom segment, Tawakkul is a divine level of trust that is conditional to putting in the work and trusting that whatever comes from it, is from Allah – good or bad. Both – good or bad – is a test from our creator. How we respond to it is of importance.

It is these – among the very many other important lessons that we can glean from this month that show us that the fight for a liberated Palestine is not devoid from the personal sacrifice it requires from all of us. It is why the principles of the Quran – such as resisting oppression in the land and establishing truth and justice – is a universal principle that shouldn’t only find expression on Palestinian solidarity, but for oppressed people everywhere, even at our own doorstep.

It is for this reason that Radio 786 fought hard with much sacrifice to ensure our editorial and overall independence is protected, be it from a 16-year-long battle with the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, to some within our own ranks that sought to capture the organisation.

As Allah imposes on us, speak the truth, even if it be against yourself!

So, with this level of resilience and fortitude, Radio 786 will continue to serve the community at the highest levels quality programming, social consciousness, and awareness to attain a world principled by the Quran’s just social order.

And so, I am delighted to announce that Radio 786 attained its 7-year broadcasting renewal license, an important step forward to protect that which has already been achieved.

Inshallah, we pray that you have not only benefited from Radio 786’s programming over the last month, but that we continue to hold your interest and trust. We will work hard to ensure we protect that.

To the staff of Radio 786 that have worked really hard over the last couple of months to deliver a Ramadaan Expo and then sustained speciality programming, the Sales Team that pushes the boundaries to help pay for all the work Radio 786 does, the Management Team of Radio 786, and all other supporting yet crucial staff, our gratitude is immeasurable, and reward lies with our creator.

To the Radio 786 Committee led by Chairman Ali Chicktay and Secretary and stalwart, Br Abdul Kader Jacobs, thank you for your leadership and mentorship.

To you the beloved listener of Radio 786, Eid Mubarak and may you have a blessed day with family and loved ones.


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