Six facts about Quds Day


  • When is it?

    International Quds Day is marked on the last Friday of the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadaan

  • Where is it commemorated?

    Millions around the world stage protests in cities and towns around the world raising the plight of the Palestinian people and oppressed globally.

  • Why?

    They seek to awaken the conscience of governments and civil society to take action to realise justice for Palestine; the return of Palestinian land and right of return of all Palestinians forcibly and violently expelled from their homeland by the Zionist entity which was established by Britain.

  • Who marks it?

    Quds Day is marked by all freedom and justice loving people around the world, irresepective of religion, colour or social status.

  • What is the 2023 theme?

    "The West Bank is the shield of Jerusalem"

    • This, theme has been selected as the Palestinian enclave is the first line of resistance against the Israeli regime's attempt to erase the Islamic and Christian heritage of the city by attacking the al-Aqsa mosque compound and clamping down on Easter Celebrations by Christians.

  • How long has Quds Day been observed?

    International Quds Day was declared by the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, Imam Khomeini on 13 Ramadan 1399/7 August 1979 as a day of solidarity with anyone fighting oppression in any corner of the globe. It has been marked without fail for 43 years and is growing annually.


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