Resistance coalition warns Israel in Quds day video


The military media of the Coalition of Resistance published a video Thursday evening, on the eve of International Al-Quds Day, warning the Israeli occupation against committing any foolish acts against any front of the resistance.

In a clear message to the leadership of the Israeli entity, the clip confirmed that if faced with any aggression, the Resistance factions, united(comprising Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq), will ensure that the occupying entity comes under attack from all fronts.

Titled “We stand ready,” the video was released with a phrase saying, “Let all banners unite, all fronts come together, and all arenas be opened,” indicating the Axis’ readiness as a whole to defend Palestine and respond to any Israeli attack.

The video was released simultaneously by different official channels of Resistance factions, which indicates that the Resistance Coalition has further integrated its unity.

Fighters from different Resistance groups and brigades appeared in the video operating side by side in the joint operations room of the Axis of Resistance, while planning and preparing various operations against the Israeli occupation entity.

The clip also reveals a state of high readiness in anticipation of the outbreak of any confrontation with the occupation.

The phrase “Let all banners unite, let all fronts come together, and let all arenas open for one aim and one great, noble, and sacred goal, which is the liberation of Palestine” was mentioned during the 35th festival of establishing Hamas movement on December 14, 2022, by Al-Qassam Brigades Commander Mohammad Al-Deif.

Source: al-Mayadeen English


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