The reality behind Cape Town’s beauty with Melanie Simons


Cape Town is undoubtedly a beautiful city. Because of its beautiful landscapes and being a tourist attraction, travel agencies go to extreme lengths to promote Mothercity in a very enticing way. However, Cape Town is not all you see on the travel brochures. It is plagued by crime, racism, land invasions, and senseless killings daily. Adding to that list, the World Bank also labelled Cape Town one of the most unequal cities in the world.

Seeking answers to whether these claims were true, a German multi-media journalist took a trip to Cape Town to find out what is really behind the beautiful images that get portrayed online. Documenting her findings, she posed uncomfortable and tough questions to various individuals seeking raw and honest answers on what Cape Town is like. Joining us now from Germany, is Belgium-German based multi-media journalist, Melanie Simmons…


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