NCC: Why is CT Mayor against the “coloured child”?


[Picture: File / Radio 786]

The National Coloured Congress (NCC) will continue to visit businesses and ask them nicely to fulfill their obligations under the Employment Equity Act.

That is to adhere to employing locals based on provincial demographics and not national. It would mean the employment of more coloured people in Cape Town.

The NCC’s President Fadiel Adams believes that coloured people are being sidelined as owners prefer to employ foreign nationals or have a misunderstanding of the law or are not aware of the law.

Last week the political party shut down a petrol station in Mitchells Plain stating that it was not what they called “coloured compliant”, meaning there were no people from the area employed at the business.

The City of Cape Town has since obtained a court interdict, stopping any further shutdowns. According to the order the NCC cannot unlawfully obstruct, interfere with, intimidate, or harass any business, or City official.

Adams says they are only asking for fairness and that the rule of law is followed.

“Business has to operate within the law. The law does say that you must employ x amount of people locally. Why is this law being overlooked by government, local government, and by business? Why are they making a concerted effort to keep our children out of the workplace?…Three young men died in Uitsig last night. We are trying to stop that. Give them jobs before they find guns.  [Mayor] Geordhin Hill Lewis ensures that they turn to guns.”


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