Evidence Show That Charl Kinnear Was Tracked Before Being Killed 

The cellphone of murdered top Anti-Gang Unit detective Charl Kinnear wastracked from 8am to 15h25pm on the day if his murder. It has been

Beirut Blasts – A Country Outraged 

After the devastating explosion in the Lebanese capital, the provisional death tollstands at 137, with several people missing and over 5000 injured. Joining theDaily

Lebanon Prime Minister Resigns Following Beirut Blast

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab will soon be stepping down from his position. This, as Diab, announced his resignation almost a week after the

Normalising Ties with Apartheid Israel

Palestinian Ambassador to South Africa, Hanan Jarrar speaks to Radio 786

Airborne Transmission: How Much do We Actually Know about Covid-19?

Is the coronavirus airborne and what do we know about asymptomatic cases? Professor Bertrum Fielding, Director and Lead Researcher at the Molecular Biology and

(Re)ignite your emotional health with Mygrow’s 30 Day Wellbeing Jumpstart Challenge 

Feeling stuck? Looking for the reset button? (Re)ignite your emotional healthwith Mygrow’s 30 Day Wellbeing Jumpstart Challenge COVID & lockdown has made life hard,

A Holistic View Of Healing From The Coronavirus

Healthwise host, Ferial De Jongh is joined by Zuhair Girach, the Founder of Aafiyah Healing and Tasmin Suliman who has a PhD in Virology.

UCT Surgical Students Offer A Helping Hand To The Elderly During Lockdown

A group of UCT medical students are doing their part to make the lives of the elderly and most vulnerable during the covid-19 pandemic

What Is The Role Of Women In Islam?

History of Islam is littered with strong women and an entire Quranic surah is even dedicated to women. We have Asiyah who stood up

Celebrating the South African Muslim Women – The Experience of Women

Qaadirah Mohammed speaks to Saleemah Jaffer and Tasleema Layla from Madina Institute about their experiences of being Muslim women in South Africa…

New Hajj and Umrah Operators Association Launches in SA

The South African Muslim Travel Association and the South Travel Hajj and UmrahOperators Association have merged their interests to form a united national entity.

Confronting Misogyny In Muslim Leadership With Professor Nuraan Davids

Following the outrage that sparked from a viral video of Moulana Dawud Sampson, Professor Nuraan Davids joins the NRA in a discussion around the

At 25, Radio 786 Bolsters the African Voice

As it celebrates a quarter-century of broadcasting, Radio 786 has developed into a media establishment of note, offering award-winning content that bolsters the African

Saving for a Rainy Day – Are We Currently Experiencing a Monsoon?

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) recently lowered its 2020 growth forecast from -7.3% to -8.2%.  Their inflation forecast for 2020 was lowered from

Shaping The Difference – Tashreeq Truebody

“A journalist no longer goes out there to just cover a story…” Tashreeq Truebody speaks about how his childhood awe of being on the

Being coloured – Challenges of Identity

Following the death of 16-year-old Nathaniel Julies from Eldorado Park in Johannesburg – a predominantly coloured community thousands of people who identify as coloured
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