Illegal Police Rogue Unit Still Operates In The W.C


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Police officers have started becoming more vocal about the unlawful activities within the South African Police Service (SAPS). A Constable within the police service who shall not be named for fear of further victimization lodged a formal complaint against Warrant Officer Riedwaan Titus and his cohorts.

The complainant states that he was wrongfully arrested on charges of theft and corruption while on duty and in police uniform. He was also assaulted and forced to commit perjury for Titus by giving a false statement against a fellow SAPS member. Titus and his cohorts operate as an illegal rogue crime Intel unit in the Western Cape. In January last year, a report was submitted to the National Police Commissioner’s Office, calling for the immediate disbandment of the rogue unit and the legality of its establishment and operations to be probed.

However, the unit is still in operation. To expand on this matter, we are joined by police community activist, Colin Arendse…

Header image: Daily Maverick

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May 19, 2022
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