Why SA Friends of Israel propagandist defected


As the American and European-backed Zionist regime occupying Palestine continues its campaign of terror against Palestinians, its propagandists have been working overtime.

From fabricating stories about babies being beheaded to creating lies which blame Palestinians for the devastating massacres gripping the Gaza Strip, the regime’s machine has demonstrated just how desperate it is to save the bloody face of Israel.

In South Africa, a number of organisations actively work to uphold this false narrative.

The South African Zionist Federation (SAZF) admits:
“By promoting our narrative to the broader South African community, the SAZF is actively working to increase our support base and friendship circle… the South African Friends of Israel (Safi) initiative was established, to engage with other faith-based, cultural, and ethnic groups in the interest of building a grass-roots support base for Israel in South Africa. Safi is a dynamic organisation that’s constantly engaging, managing, and creating media content that conveys our main messages and themes. In this way, we can help shape the broader public opinion based on facts, not just propaganda.”

In addition, the groups are notorious for their fully-sponsored, controlled  so-called information tours of Occupied Palestine which try to portray the ‘positive side” of the ongoing occupation.

But in one of its most embarrassing moments, the spokesperson for the South African Friends of Israeli (Safi) resigned from the group, exposing how it uses Biblical scripture to entrap Christians into the Zionist narrative and defend Israel’s litany of human rights abuses.

Find out about this methods used by the Western-backed colonial entity, as the former spokesperson for Safi speaks candidly about her experience on the inside.

Guest: Ncamisile Pamela Ngubane – Former SA Friends of Israel spokesperson

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