We Should Stop Sweeping Issues Of Sexual Abuse Under The Carpet


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Cases of sexual abuse are prevalent in the Muslim community. This is according to Rape Crisis counselor, Mualima Mansura Afrika. She was speaking amid the allegations of sexual abuse against well-known and respected Goosain Emeran and his twin brother from Bokaap.

In a video that circulated widely on social media and on the front cover of some news agencies, Emeran’s granddaughter speaks out about her alleged sexual molestation at the hands of Emeran and his brother.

The video has caused public outcry among the Muslim community in particular. Emeran who served on the education board at the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and has since been suspended.

Over the years, even up till now women have been afraid of speaking out against their abusers. And when they do now, they are either told that ‘it’s in the past’ or that you simply need to get over it’. However, it isn’t just as simple as that.

How can a society be better to support victims of sexual abuse and gender based violence? And has the Muslim community especially in Cape Town dealt with these sensitive issues? To take this discussion further, we are joined by Advocate Radia Razack, she is also an anti-gender based violence activist…

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May 20, 2022
Asr Athaan


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