‘We need a state of the coal report’


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South Africans deserve transparency about a utility that directly affects their lives and the economy.

Energy policy researcher at the Institute for Economic Justice, Brian Kamanzi contends that this will assist environmental interest groups and citizens to make informed proposals on the country’s green energy future.

He was speaking as Eskom’s coal fleet is aging, and has been impacted by poor maintenance.

This has led to load shedding being implemented due to unplanned outages.

South Africa has once again been placed on Stage 4 load shedding this week.

The energy crisis plan announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa last month provided long term solutions to prevent load shedding, and secure the economy.

South Africa has a high reliance on coal fired power stations, which outnumber the renewable energy sources.

But Kamanzi says that Eskom must release a “State of the Coal” report, which will outline the country’s reliance on the carbon fuel, and to determine where its dependence can be reduced.

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