Tribute: Armien Brink (1967 – 2021)


Armien Brink, long-time community worker and an active member of sporting circles passed away on 11 August 2021. A member of the Collegians Rugby Club, Armien had his ear to the ground; always committed to nurturing young talent. His inspiration extended beyond the sportsfield, directing youth into other spheres of life and contributing to their development as humans. Friends describe him as a ‘gentle giant’. One who always bore a smile on his face and managed situations in a calm, collected and amenable manner. Armien could be heard Friday evenings on the popular Radio 786 Sports Desk where he again highlighted community sport, unsung heroes and obscure talent often overlooked by the mainstream sporting fraternity. Aged 54, Armien embodied a commitment to community development and was an avid supporter of local Malay choirs and their dedication to maintaining cultural heritage. He lost his wife Fatima to Covid-19 several weeks ago. His friends and acquaintances pay tribute to a man who worked for change.


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