‘Transparency will strengthen Muslim organisations’


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The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has been criticised for closing ranks rather than explaining the process of a Commission of Inquiry into alleged financial mismanagement.

Islamic scholar, Professor Farid Esack says that closing ranks affects the spirit of good governance, and is unhelpful in the long run.

He was speaking as the MJC’s second deputy president Sheikh Riad Fataar has told Radio 786 that they will not be speaking on the matter as he claimed that they are not allowed to comment until a commission of inquiry into the allegations is completed.

However, questions about the scope of the inquiry, and who is on the panel were not answered.

Concerns have been raised about the lack of transparency regarding the alleged mismanagement of up to R900 000.

Professor Esack says that the lack of openness is unfortunate, as the MJC holds a significant amount of authority in South Africa.

The MJC’s Treasurer Sheikh Fadhil Emandien meanwhile insists that the amounts of money in question were explained in a detailed report to the MJC’s General Majlis in October last year.

He adds that there is a strict process governing the MJC’s finances and bank account.

Radio 786’s efforts to gain comment from the MJC on its governance and financial management were effectively rejected, with the MJC citing the vague commission.

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