The State, alliances and accountability



The ANC’s alliance partners are failing to hold the governing party accountable.

This is evident in the continued failures experienced at every level of service delivery in South Africa.

The director of programmes at the Auwal Socio Economic Research Institute, Ebrahim Fakir notes that alliance partnerships need to be restructured.

Referring to the failures of state-controlled resources, which are essentially run by the ANC, Fakir contends that the party has botched up what should be dependable assets.

He says that people should be outraged that the two transformers of living conditions, namely health and education, are draining the most funds, yet the quality of life is deteriorating in South Africa.

He says that alliance partners should be stepping in to question why these programmes are failing to improve the country’s prospects.

Fakir has conceded that the poor performance recently can be attributed to state capture, but the government should have measures in place to overcome these problems.

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