Fed-up Surrey Estate residents target drug dealers, gangsters


[Picture: Screengrab Faraaz Holdman/Tiktok]

Residents of Surrey Estate on the Cape Flats have marched to the suspected homes of drug dealers in the area, demanding they end their illegal activities.

In a social media clip, Islamic leader Sheikh Ighsaan Taliep is seen reading out a demand for the end of drug dealing. He is accompanied by the President of the  Muslim Judicial Council(MJC), Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams. The community marched to seven or eight residences. The action is reminiscent of the 1990s when the anti drug and gang organsation Pagad marched on the homes of suspected drug dealers across the Cape reading out demands for dealers to cease their illegal peddling.

The neighbourhood watch says the police reacted to the Surrey Estate community’s protest by staging raids on the houses of known drug dealers following the march.

In a discussion with Radio 786, Sheikh Ighsaan Taliep provided background to the worrying situation.


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