Sewerage Infrastructure Tops List of Concerns for CT Councillors


Picture: Vincent Lali / Ground Up

The poor state of the sewerage system in working class and poor communities in Cape Town has been one of the main issues that dominated the inauguration of Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis.

Opposition parties have told the mayor that his immediate task is to deal with the raw sewage spillages that have caused a stink on the Cape Flats and in townships.

The ANC says the ageing infrastructure needs proper leadership.

Hill-Lewis has conceded that the hope and dignity of residents cannot be restored when their sewers are overflowing. He visited Khayelitsha and Phoenix today to assess the situation.

Khayelitsha residents have long complained about the spillages. But they say their cries for help have fallen on deaf ears of the DA-led City of Cape Town.

[Header image: Vincent Lali /GroundUp]

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