SA Hajj committee seeks hujaaj feedback to improve pilgrimage


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The committee setup by the government to ensure a well-organised Hajj and Umrah experience for pilgrims has requested feedback from those who carried out the holy journey this year.

Former ambassador, Ebrahim Rasool who chairs the Ministerial Committee on the Efficient Management of the Hajj and Umrah Pilgrimages  says the feedback will be used to engage with the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to secure better conditions for future pilgrims.

The committee was setup by International Relations Minister Naledia Pandor in February.

The Committee met with Saudi Arabian officials during the 2023 Hajj, including the Muttawif company responsible for the pilgrims, the Allawi Family which does the hosting and the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah.

Issues such as the limited quota for South Africa were discussed, and improving conditions at holy sites such as Arafat and Mina.The Committee is hopeful the quota for Hujaaj allowed from South Africa will be increased.

Pilgrims who engaged in the Hajj 2023 have been requested to submit feedback on their Hajj experience. The input should be constructive so the Ministerial Committee can raise them with the Saudi authorities to ensure an improved Hajj experience for future pilgrims.
Submissions may be made via email to [email protected]. The deadline is 21 July 2023.
More details about the Ministerial Committee’s work may be heard in this discussion with Chairperson Ebrahim Rasool.

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