Realities of living in informal settlements during lockdown | Covid-19 Stories


Khayelitsha is known for having one of the highest TB rates in the world, and now is one of Cape Town’s sub-districts with the highest recorded Covid-19 cases. In a bid to highlight the impact Covid-19 has on the district, while still being ranked as one of the world’s hotspots for TB, a team of young videographers focussed their lenses on the impact of the disease in Khayelitsha and its surrounds.

Through the 6-minute documentary titled Covid-19 Stories, students highlighted the harsh realities of living in a squatter camp during a lockdown and having to still enforce Covid-19 safety measures.

The film explores the feelings and concerns of residents of Khayelitsha, Makhaza, and surrounding areas to get a sense of what their realities were during the Covid-19 lockdown. To unpack the short-film in more detail, we welcome filmmaker, Samuel Flans…

Header image: BORGEN Magazine

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