Prof Khaled Beydoun – Dissecting the tropes of Islamophobia


Countries like India, the United States, and France each exhibit a level of supremacy that discriminates against the human rights of minorities.

In conversation with Radio 786, critical race theorist Professor Khaled Beydoun, notes that this is embodied in different ways in these countries.

While white supremacy, which was seen in the United States and South Africa, was based on race, India is discriminating against any faith that is not linked to Hinduism. This is evident in the anti-Muslim laws and failure to hold Hindus accountable for their Islamophobic attacks in India.

Meanwhile, France is focused on white-washing Islam, by criminalising the public expression of the faith in the country. Beydoun contends that the post-September 11th world has seen the promotion of the so-called “moderate” Muslim, which is aimed at neutralizing the expression of Islam to fit in with Western ideals.

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