Pakistani premier battles


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Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan became the first leader of that country to be ousted through a vote of no confidence. That’s the simplistic narrative. But it also involved the judiciary and if we were to follow the politics… the army and even an international player… the United States.
Whether you wish to challenge or debate the merits, all of the angles seem to hold some weight one way or the other.
But the ouster of Prime Minister Imran Khan upholds a more unfortunate trend for Pakistan … that since its founding in 1947 …none of its 29 prime ministers has ever completed a full term. What does this tell us about the system and critically where does it leave Pakistan.


Guest: Dr Ijaz Akram – Founding chairman, National Rehmatulil Aalmeen Authority (NRA) of Pakistan. Adviser to former premier on government initiatives related to religious, ethical and moral revival in Pakistan.

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