‘Muslims must rationally debate issues of faith’


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Muslims must create platforms to discuss contested Islamic history.
Author and academic Professor Aslam Fataar, says Muslims must ask how they should develop rational discourse that is disagreeable and disputational, but from which they can learn.
It comes as Islamic history is often romanticised despite divisions and contestation, which to this day, continues to polarize the Ummah even resulting in the loss of the life.
This also leads to the degeneration into sectarian battles.
Fataar says aqeedah (or faith) has been conflated with the history, and through these, mental shrines have been created…
“The history of Islam post Prophet [Muhammad (PBUH)] is a history that has been so deeply ideologised. It’s a history of the one camp developing one attitude, and a doctrinaire closed mindedness about that attitude…and the many hundreds of other camps developing the same attitude to it. And then they confer a religiosity and a spirituality onto it. Very dangerous – that you take the ideologisation of a particular historical situation and you confer a religious sanctity on it. And when it becomes a question of Iman then you remove it out of the realm of rational, agreeable, and disagreeable debate. That is where we need to get back to. After all, I’m going to say something that may be shocking, the time of the post Prophet is entirely disputational.” – Author and academic Professor Aslam Fataar

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