Muslims demand clarity over chocolate halal status


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Two halal certifying bodies are divided over the halal status of three Cadbury chocolate brands.

Yesterday, the South African National Halal Authority (Sanha), which does not have a certifying contract with Cadbury, alerted Muslims that Lunch Bar, PS and Chomp chocolates had resumed its use of tartaric acid derived from wine sources in these products.  

Sanha theological director, Moulana Mogammad Said Navlakhi says that Cadbury had initially used synthetic tartaric acid in these products, which made it suitable for Muslim consumption.

But the National Independent Halal Trust (NIHT), which certifies Cadbury chocolates, insists that these products are halal.

NIHT chairperson, Murad Booley has told Radio 786 that while there is divergent understanding of whether tartaric acid is halal, they have consulted with various local and international scholars on the process used to derive what is commonly known as cream of tartar.

Booley explains that tartaric acid is a by-product from the process of wine production, which undergoes further changes that make it suitable for Muslim consumption.

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