Murderous Israeli army attacks mourners at toddler’s funeral


[Picture: Diana Khwaelid/International Solidarity Movement]

Israeli occupation forces have attacked mourners at the funeral of 2-year-old Palestinian Mohammed Tamimi who was murdered by the regime’s terror forces.

Tamimi was shot in the head by Zionist forces as he and his father left home. Israeli media have characterised the shooting as a ‘misfire” and “mistake”.

But as mourners attended the funeral in the village of Nabi Saleh, the occupation forces – for the third time since Tamimi was shot – invaded the village and beat up and shot at villagers. Six people were injured.

Among them was activist Neriman Tamimi, who was hit in the face with a  rifle. Another mourner was shot in the pelvis, the bullet penetrating his intestines.

Shrouded in a Palestinian flag with a wreath of flowers, the community tried to bid farewell to little Muhammad. As his mother embraced and kissed him for the final time, she reiterated that, “I want justice for my son, and for every person who shot at my husband and son to be held accountable.”.

WARNING: Disturbing content


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