“Israel” must be charged for child’s murder – Mandela


Zionist-Israel should be charged with state terrorism for the murder of two-year-old Mohammad Tamimi.

The toddler succumbed to his injuries after being shot in the head by Israeli occupation soldiers while outside his home in Nabi Saleh near Ramallah.

South African lawmaker, Nkosi “Mandela” Mandela says this act of brutality is another example of the daily atrocities perpetrated by the Apartheid entity against innocent Palestinians. Mandela has demanded that those responsible be charged with Tamimi’s murder. He says Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his regime have the blood of innocent children on their hands.

Tamini’s death brings the number of children martyred to nearly 40 this year.

Mandela notes that it’s inconceivable that the UN Convention on the Rights of Children carries no weight for the perpetrators of these heinous crimes against humanity.


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