Sahpra slow to release Pfizer vaccine documents


Picture: Children's National Hospital

The committee set up to determine whether the health regulator, Sahpra had acted lawfully when it approved children being vaccinated against Covid-19, delayed proceedings once again.

This as Sahpra had failed to present the applicants, Free the Children – Save the Nation, with the documents that had approved the Pfizer vaccine for use in minors.

The order had come through this week, but Sahpra has a new lawyer, and he had requested more time to review the case.

Sahpra’s behaviour is doing little to restore public faith in the institution as vaccine hesitancy persists in South Africa.

Free the Children – Save the Nation is opposed to children being vaccinated against Covid-19 as they have proven the most resilient to the virus that has gripped the globe.

They say that its unnecessary for children to be exposed to these doses.

The hearings will now take place between May 31 and June 3.

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