MJC President Says His New Term Will Focus On Unity Within The Community


The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has not had a change in its leadership. At the weekend, the MJC held its leadership election to choose its President for the next term in office. Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams has been re-elected as President of the MJC, while Moulana Abdul Khaliq Allie and Sheikh Riyaad Fataar are still in their previous positions as first and second deputy president. This year’s election came under tense circumstances as a former senior leader of the DA – Sheikh Shaheed Esau also contested for the position as President. Esau had allegedly threatened to legally challenge a pending resolution. The resolution would’ve seen the body of religious leaders – Imaara, vote on whether card-carrying members of political parties should be allowed to contest for senior positions in the MJC, such as that of the President.

Guest – President of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC), Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams

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