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Ramadaan is the month of the Holy Qur’aan. Revealed in Arabic to the Propher Muhammad (PBUH), the instruction is that the Book should be read with understanding.

Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language is a 7-part course, first aired on Radio 786’s Community Pulse programme.

The series is aimed at expanding Arabic vocabulary through special reference to Islamic texts(attached below). All the lessons are derived from the textbook series titled ‘Arabia tul Quran’ by Sheikh Murshid Davids.

Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language is presented by Dr Intisar Etbaigha, a lecturer at Madina Institute(Cape Town, South Africa) who holds a MA in Translation Studies (Arabic- English / English – Arabic) from the Libyan Academy (2006) and a PhD in Additional Language Teaching from the University of the Western Cape (2018)

Introduction and Overview of Methodology

Audio Lesson

Course Notes (Download)

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