Learn Arabic this Ramadaan


Ramadaan is the month of the Holy Quraan. And the sacred book was revealed in Arabic to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) as a guidance to all mankind.

A basic understanding of the Arabic language is an important tool towards an in-depth understanding of the Quran. However, this should not deter those who do not possess knowledge of the language from studying the Holy Book.
The Arabic root system aids the reader in finding the correct definitions of words. Therefore, despite some terms from other cultures and religions having found their way into some translations of the Quran, the authentic meaning can still be traced.
This highlights how the Arabic language is uniquely suited for a book that is divine and is meant to hold relevance for all time, and how some form of Arabic was likely the very first or original language used by humans.

Learn the language of the Quraan with Radio 786 Online in a simple 7-part series and gain a better understanding of the structure of the Arabic language and the deeper meanings this intricate language holds.

The free course includes audio instructions with downloadable text course materials.

It is presented by Dr Intisar Etbaigha, a lecturer at Madina Institute(Cape Town, South Africa) who holds a MA in Translation Studies (Arabic- English / English – Arabic) from the Libyan Academy (2006) and a PhD in Additional Language Teaching from the University of the Western Cape (2018)


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