Israeli Court Complicit in Theft of Sheikh Jarrah Lands


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The Zionist occupying regime’s so-called “Supreme Court” has adjourned an appeal from four Palestinian families against their forced expulsion from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied Al Quds.

The court wants the Palestinians, to relinquish the rights to their ancestral homes to a Zionist settlement agency. This would effectively sanction the theft of their homes and place ownership in the hands of a company operating under the settler colonial entity.

But the Al-Kurd, Al-Qasem, Al-Ja’ouni, and Skafi families have rejected this, saying that they are furious that the fate of their community is in the hands of colonisers who came to Palestine 70 years ago and erected courthouses and prisons to subjugate Palestinians.

Guest: Dr Mazin Qumsiyeh – Palestinian Historian

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May 22, 2022
Thuhr Athaan


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