Isipingo Islamophobe has no leg to stand on


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People living in a multicultural society must be open to making compromises. This is the assertion of senior legal practitioner based in KwaZulu-Natal, Saber Ahmed Jazbhay. He was speaking as open Islamophobe, Chandra Giri Ellaurie, lost his bid to stop Madressa Taleemuddeen from sounding the call to prayer (athaan). The battle has been coming on for some time, and Ellaurie had claimed that the Islamic call to prayer was a noise nuisance. The matter then headed to the Supreme Court of Appeal, which also found that he had failed to justify that the athaan constituted noise, nor could he explain what volume would be a disruption to his life. Jazbhay says however, that this SCA ruling should not be seen as a victory, rather than the duty of every Muslim to protect Islam from grass-root threats.

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