Hezbollah reveals “Israel’s” vulnerability with Hoopoe video


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The Lebanese resistance has released a video documenting its intelligence capabilities.  The video has sent the Zionist entity into a frenzy as it cannot believe that its surveillance systems could not pick up Hezbollah’s reconnaissance operations. The Lebanese resistance titled the video, The Hoopoe, which refers to the bird that delivered information to Prophet Sulaiman (AS). The footage shows areas in northern occupied Palestine, which includes highly sensitive military and intelligence sites of the Zionist entity that are prohibited to document, including weapons company Rafael, settler residential areas in Haifa, military bases, air defense sites, warships, piers, petrochemical plants, and more.


Aerial reconnaissance footage of areas in northern occupied Palestine, brought back by the aircraft of the Islamic Resistance’s air force. —


0:08 – The Hoopoe (Hudhud) – Episode 1

0:18 – [Map zooms in on Haifa area]

0:25The Military Industries Complex company Rafael. – A military industrial zone affiliated with the Rafael company.

– Includes a large number of factories, warehouses, and testing fields – Components of active air defense systems are manufactured and assembled here, particularly the “Iron Dome” and “David’s Sling.”

– It is considered a highly sensitive and secret area

– Total area of 6.5 square kilometers, located 24 kilometers from the Lebanese border.

0:40Military Industries Complex – Rafael company.

0:45 – “Iron Dome” platform. 1:00

– Rocket engine test tunnel; Rocket engine storage [top to bottom].

1:12 – Air defense missile storage.

1:23 – Missile component manufacturing facilities.

1:31 – “Iron Dome” platform.

1:52 – “David’s Sling” platform, “David’s Sling” platform, “Iron Dome” platform [top to bottom]. 2:07 – Control and guidance systems factories.

2:14 – Control and guidance systems factories.

2:20 – The company’s administrative buildings; Control and guidance systems factories [top to bottom].

2:33 – Missile testing radar.

2:47“Krayot” [Haifa neighborhoods]

2:54 – A high-density urban bloc bordering the coast of Haifa Bay and located north of the occupied city.

3:05 – “Yitzhak Ben Zvi” Street.

3:14 – It has a population of about 260,000 settlers.

3:22 – It includes 6 major cities and neighborhoods: “Kiryat Yam,” “Kiryat Motzkin,” “Kiryat Ata,” “Kiryat Bialik,” “Kiryat Haim,” and “Kiryat Shmuel.”

3:40 – Karti Square; Systematic housing complexes [left to right].

3:48 – It has a 20 kilometer squared area and is 28 kilometers away from the Lebanese borders. 4:04 – Commercial complex: “Osher Ad.”

4:09 – “Savionai Yam” Complex.

4:17 – “Abraham’s Gardens” buildings.

4:26 – “Commercial complex: “Big Krayot.”

4:42The Port of Haifa area. A strategic area that includes large military, industrial, and commercial facilities, the most important of which are:

– Haifa Military Base, responsible for the northern maritime arena and is the main naval base of the Israeli army.

– Haifa Civilian Port, the largest port in “israel.”

– Petrochemical facilities – Oil tanks – Haifa Power Plant – Haifa Airport

4:58 – The Port of Haifa area.

5:34 – Ship maintenance hangars.

5:41 – Building of Computing Unit 3800 – Haifa Naval Base

5:46 – The main warehouse and the supply section in the dock of the Haifa base.

5:56 – Building of the Deep Missions Unit – “YALTAM.”

6:00 – Buildings belonging to the submarine unit.

6:14 – Submarine pier and dock.

6:18 – Building of the Submarine Unit Command – “Shayetet 7.”

6:26 – Logistic support ship – “Bat Yam;” “Saar 4.5” [top to bottom].

6:33 – “Dvora” boats.

6:41 – “Saar 6”

6:46 – “Saar 4.5,” specialized for anti-submarine warfare.

6:51 – “Saar 4.5”

6:58 – “Saar 5”

7:28 – Carmel pier.

7:50 – “Mizrahi” pier.

8:03 – Haifa electricity station.

8:13 – Chemical storage tanks.

8:36 – “Iron Dome” stores; Haifa airport [left to right].

8:57 – “Iron Dome” platforms.

9:13 – Oil reservoirs.

9:25 – “And the birds as they soar.” (Al-Nour;41) 


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