France forces Muslims to sign republic charter


France reportedly has western Europe’s largest Muslim population. However, President Emmanuel Macron is working to place more restrictions on how they practice their faith. He has given a 15-day ultimatum for the French Council of Muslim Worship to sign a charter of so-called “Republican values”. In the name of countering extremism, which Macron has attributed to Muslims, the charter will:

● Restrict home-schooling and impose harsher punishments for those who intimidate public officials on religious grounds

● Give children an identification number under the law that would be used to ensure they are attending school. Parents who break the law could face up to six months in jail as well as large fines

France’s cherished value of secularism, which is meant to ensure religious freedom, has in recent years been used by the state to reign in Muslims’ right to practice their faith openly. We’re joined by French human rights defender leading the NGO ‘Committee for Justice & Liberties For All’, Yasser Louati…

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