DA’s Hands Stained by Racism


The Democratic Alliance keeps getting involved and dirtying its hands on issues of racism.

Anti-Apartheid activist, Seth Mazibuko made this comment as this was once again evident in DA leader, John Steenhuisen’s gleeful expressions as Gareth Cliff brutally disregarded the pain of black people on his programme, the Burning Platform.

The public was outraged last week, when a clip of the panel hosted by Cliff was released.

It showed Cliff speaking over community activist Mudzuli Rakhivhane as she tried to explain the lived experience of black people in South Africa.

However, Cliff shot back saying that no one cares about her experience as a black woman in this country.

Mazibuko says that the DA has once again shown that it does not understand the history of South Africa, or the pain of the poor and marginalised.

He says that the DA will first work to protect the interests of the white and economic elite, before addressing the problems facing poor, black communities.

Mazibuko has also noted that it’s difficult for the Cliffs and Steenhuisens of the world to understand that racism is attached to economic class.

He says that they are not constantly confronted by this problem.

[Header image: IHSAAN HAFFEJEE (12.04.2014)]

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