City Ombudsman could intervene in payment issues


Picture: Radio 786 / FILE
Complaints of the City incorrectly sanctioning people for allegedly tampering with their electricity meters were once again raised this morning. Several Radio 786 listeners sought clarity on this problem, saying that the City is refusing to acknowledge that they’ve made a mistake. It follows reports that residents are being charged for the alleged tampering of an electricity meter, or are being vastly overcharged for electricity that they say they have not used. But the City’s Manager of Electricity Retail Management, Electricity Generation and Distribution, Hoosain Essop says that there are options available to residents to dispute these charges. He says that they can first engage with the line administrative department. If they’re dissatisfied with that outcome, they can head to the City’s Ombudsman, which will independently assess the claim, and if this fails, residents can take the legal route.

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