Bosnia Massacre – Is EU Policy Driving Islamophobia?


This month marks 26 years since the brutal massacre of over 8 000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys in Srebrenica. The investigations to find more mass graves and seek justice for the victims and their families continue. But there are fears that the growing anti-Islam policies in Europe could cause a repeat of the 1995 atrocities. The European Union Court has approved the banning of ‘religious dress’ at work – in a move directed at Muslim women who wear hijab. The terrorist behind the brutal Christchurch mosque attacks appeared to have been inspired by the European hate for Muslims. The racist term, “Turkofagos” was inscribed on his rifle. Literally translated, it means “Eater of Turks.” In Greece 1892, “Turks” referred to anyone who wasn’t Christian. Are we seeing a return to that kind of thinking?
Guest: Anna Stamou – Public Relations Officer, Muslim Association of Greece

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