Battle For Cape Town: DA, ANC, ACDP, Good, CCC


Decent housing remains a serious concern for poor and working-class communities in Cape Town. The delivery of affordable housing has been a tedious process. Ordinary citizens are often left on the wayside as government spheres battle it out over what land should be used for these developments. In recent years housing activists have pushed for example golf courses to be used as spaces for social housing.

Another concern of Capetonians is the high cost of municipal services. Some households have been forced to make the tough choice between having food on the table or paying for power. According to the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) over the past two decades the price of services such as electricity and water have increased well above the inflation rate.

From the seat of government – the Cape Town Civic Centre we debate how the DA, ANC, ACDP, Good and the Cape Coloured Congress plan to deal with the issues affecting you – the ordinary citizen and voter.

  • Zahid Badroodien – Cape Metro region’s deputy chairperson, DA
  • Fiona Abrahams – City caucus spokesperson, ANC
  • Grant Haskin – Leader in the city council and former Cape Town Mayor, ACDP
  • Brett Herron – Secretary and moral candidate in City of Cape Town, Good
  • Fadiel Adams – President and moral candidate in City of Cape Town, Cape Coloured Congress (CCC)


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