Africom – US Militaristic Designs on Africa


In 2008, the United States established its African Command or Africom. After decades of seeing no particular strategic interest for Africa, except to exploit its natural resources, the US now sought to gain a foothold.

But having emerged from the post-colonial era, witnessing the birth of the African Union and with continental efforts that saw the demise of many long-standing conflicts, Africa was on a path towards independence – some such as South Africa’s former president, Thabo Mbeki called it the African Renaissance.

Thirteen years after Africom’s establishment however, Africa is again witnessing conflict. Just about all-African states now cooperate with the American military and the idea of African independence seems to be decided more by strategic interests with the West including the former colonial powers or emerging superpowers such as China.

What designs does the US African Command have for Africa?

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