Zionists martyr Haniyeh’s sons, grandchildren on Eid-ul-Fitr


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Three of Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh’s children and three of his grandchildren have ascended to martyrdom in yet another US-backed Israeli attack on the west of Gaza City.

The airstrike targeted their vehicle in Al Shati’ refugee camp.

The martyrs are:

  • Hazem Haniyeh and his daughter Amal
  • Amir Haniyeh, his son Khaled, and his daughter, Razaan
  • Mohammed Haniyeh

Their father, Ismail Haniyeh was visiting the wounded, evacuated Gazans receiving treatment at a hospital in Doha, when he received the news of his martyred family members.

He has since told Al Jazeera, that he is honoured that his children and grandchildren have ascended to martyrdom.

He says that with this pain and blood, the resistance movement will endeavour to create hope, a future, and freedom for Palestinians.

Haniyeh noted that his family had remained with their people in Gaza, and have now joined thousands of other Palestinians who have attained the honour of Shahid.

In his reminder to the Zionist entity, Haniyeh noted that the Israeli regime believes that will break the resolve of Palestinians by targeting the sons of their leaders.

Instead, this attack will only make their resolve stronger to protect their land and people.

He also says that the Western-backed Israeli regime is delusional if it thinks that by killing his sons, the resistance will change its positions.

Haniyeh asserts that the blood of his sons is no more precious than the blood of other martyrs in Gaza.


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