Youth killed as Palestinians mark 75 years of the Nakba


Picture: Twitter

As Palestinians mark the ongoing Nakba (Catastrophe), the Zionist regime is continuing its brutal attacks in the occupied lands.

The latest martyr is 22-year-old Saleh Mohammad Sabra.

He was struck in the chest with a live bullet as the Israeli forces raided the Palestinian refugee camp of Askar near Nablus.

The regime has also targeted the homes of resistance fighters in the West Bank.

Israel’s decades-old policy of leveling family homes of resistance fighters has long drawn criticism from human rights groups that call it collective punishment.

Meanwhile, anti-apartheid activist, Dr Allan Boesak has condemned the international community for obsessing over trivialities rather than the continued murder of Palestinians at the hands of a colonial occupier.

Speaking at a Nakba rally in Cape Town, Boesak noted that it is shameful that only white pain gains attention on the international stage, while the Palestinians are enduring 75 years of persecution and human rights abuses.


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