Yemen captures Israeli-owned ship in new front


The Palestinian resistance has hailed their Yemeni counterparts for fulfilling the promise of targeting Israeli ships and those linked to the occupation in the Red Sea. Islamic Jihad has commended the Yemeni Armed Force saying that this heroic and brave act is a true translation of their support for Palestine and not mere statements of condemnation and denunciation, which the US backed Israeli enemy disregards.

According to Zionist media the ship which was seized with its crew is owned by an Israeli businessman identified as Rami Unger. The occupation army has acknowledged the ship’s seizure describing it as a serious event. Yemen has appealed to all countries whose nationals are working in the Red Sea to stay away from any work or activity linked with “Israeli” ships or those owned by Israelis.

It further notes that if the international community is keen on the security and stability of the region and not expanding this war, it must then stop the US backed Israeli war machines aggression on Gaza.

[Picture: Inminds]


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