‘World responsible as famine creeps into Gaza’


Picture: Palestine Chronicle

The international community, and the Arab world’s silence, are responsible for the catastrophic situation in Gaza.

This is the charge from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine as the risk of famine is fast approaching the enclave.

More than a million Palestinians in Gaza are internally displaced and are living in shelters.

They don’t have access to potable water.

This is due to the Zionist regime cutting water supplied to the enclave, and the cessation of desalination plants because the Israelis have cut fuel and electricity.

The continued prevention of fuel threatens the lives of thousands of patients, especially those suffering from chronic diseases such as kidney and cancer and threatens the lives of thousands of unborn children.

The Popular Front says that the starvation war being practiced by the Zionist entity is in full partnership with the Americans.

It has however warned that this will not break the resilience of the Palestinians, who will not surrender even they are exposed to hunger and extermination.

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine says that the people will inevitably triumph over Zionists.


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