Workers “betrayed” by Comair collapse



More than a thousand workers are feeling betrayed with the announcement that the aviation company Comair has hit the end of the road.

Metalworkers’ union (Numsa) says their members are shock and angry. It notes that for more than two years they have not been paid full salaries because they were told that it would ensure the airlines survival.

However, the business rescue practitioners have announced that the process of liquidation will start as there is no hope for Comair.

Numsa now believes the business rescue process was a sham. It has accused the business rescue practitioner Richard Ferguson and Comair CEO Glenn Orsmond of mismanagement.

The Comair debacle has also dispelled the dominant perception that the private sector is more efficient and can do better than the state at managing entities. Last week Comair had to ground its and British Airways flights due to cash flow problems.


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