Women of Resistance: Nurturers of power against “Israel”


(Picture: Wafa News Agency)

Women are the pillars of the resistance in Palestine, Lebanon and Yemen.

They might not always be physically on the conventional battlefield, but they are the nurturers and teachers of the heroic resistance fighters against the Israeli enemy.

They raise, prepare and embrace their husbands and sons both in life and martyrdom and are willing to sacrifice even more for what is just, that is the liberation of their homeland. They are the organisers of protests and the educators of young females.

Their belief is so strong – in the midst of their pain and grief a Palestinian woman whose entire family has been wiped out in Gaza can emerge and raise her hands to the heavens and say thanks to God that they are martyrs. And this is a sacrifice for the resistance, and their people.

The ordeal of the Lebanese mother, Huda Hijazi who watched her mother and three daughters massacred in a ruthless Israeli attack. And her defiance with a smile to the Israeli enemy is “Fear is not in our vocabulary”

On this International Day of Quds, we reflect on the role of women as the nurturers and flag bearers of resistance. Their unshakeable defiance strikes fear into the core of the illegal Zionist colonial entity.


Manal Tamimi – Palestinian activist and human rights defender. She hails from a family whose name is synonymous with resistance.

Dr Rania Masri – An activist, and unwavering voice committed to justice and liberation in Palestine. She also served as an expert in the Court of Conscience during which she presented testimony on the environmental impact of the 2006 Israeli war on Lebanon.


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