Woman loses job for saying no to Covid-19 vaccine


(Picture: Research Professional News)

A woman has been left unemployed after refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) found that her employer Goldrush Group acted substantively fair when it fired her. It said that due to the nature of her job she could not be moved to another position. Theresa Mulderiji was a business-related and training officer. She had argued that it was her constitutional human right to refuse to be vaccinated.

Last year after a three-month consultation with workers and their union the company enforced its mandatory vaccination policy.

The CCMA admitted that Mulderiji had felt extreme social pressure and emotional discomfort after being subjected to deciding between her livelihood and accepting the vaccine.

According to the science the vaccine does not stop one from contracting or spreading the virus, it aids an individual in reducing the severity of the illness. Natural immunity also has been found to offer protection.

Labour is divided on the forced vaccination. Trade federation Sadtu says people should be allowed to choose while Cosatu is in favour.

Trade union Solidarity is challenging the mandatory vaccination policy at the University of the Free State in court. It says the blanket vaccine mandates which don’t take into account the unique situation of individual employees or students will be illegal and undesirable.


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