Why We Are Such A Violent Society


On The Couch – Zainab Bean is joined by Professional expert and speaker, Mary Ovenston who specialises in the study of the human brain. We take a look at the psychique of perpators to try and answer why the world we live in has become a violent society.
With alarming stats on the rise, between 2018 and 2020, it is estimated that 57 people were killed every day. Putting Cape Town at the number 8 spot of most violent city in the world.

Adding to the shocking stats, 9/10 crimes are committed by men, forcing us to unpack the thinking behind this.
Mary adds ‘ it’s only through understanding that we develop remorse. And can actually feel sorry…’

We take a look at the impact that past abuse and trauma plays on the brain. Leading those who have been perpertrated against to act out that repressed anger and resentment.

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