Why everyone has started washing their faces twice


Double cleansing has hit the beauty community and is a method that skin gurus swear by. With origins in the Korean skin care routines, double cleansing means using two cleanser to wash your face twice to remove twice the amount of grim and dirt that collects on your face. Dr. Dilshaad Asmal, a certified Dermatologist (MBChB MMed Derm) talks to us about this latest skincare trend. Why should I use two cleansers and is it for everyone?

What Is Double-Cleansing?

Double cleansing includes using an oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser. Dr. Asmal says that there is benefit in following this method from a scientific point of view,”…oil-based cleansers can better remove oil-based dirt and cosmetics and residue. Water-based cleansers can better remove non-oil-based dirt, cosmetics and residue. So basically one thoroughly removes impurities that sit on top of the skin, like makeup and grime, and the  cleanser gives for a deeper clean. This has been practical as part of the Korean skin routine.”

Double cleansing follows the live-versus-like or like attracts like principle. Oil attracts oil, water attracts water. Oil-based cleansers draws out oil impurities such as sebum, sunscreen, makeup and pollutants. Water-based cleansers remove impurities such as sweat and dirt. (1)

Should You Be Washing Your Face Twice?

Should you adopt the double-cleansing method? Is it the right skincare routine for you? Dr. Asmal adds that “over-washing can lead to dryness, sensitivity and irritation. It is important to use the right cleanser for your face whether you cleanse once or follow the double cleansing practice.” It may be better to use two gentle products rather than one strong formula than could leave skin feeling dry.

However, this method may be very helpful to those who wear heavy makeup or those who have acne-prone skin. (2)

How Is It Done?

It is best to double cleanse at night. Dr. Asmal says that in an ideal world washing your face twice would be best. She adds, “If your skin feels dry, don’t wash in the morning.”

Dispense of your oil cleanser or cleansing balm and massage in gentle circular motions on you skin. “Whether you are double cleansing or not, be sure to use your facial cleanser for at least a minute to remove make up, pollution, toxins and build up. The temperature of the water is important, so its best to rinse with lukewarm water.”

Some oil cleansers need to be removed gently with a washcloth, while others contain oil-soluble liquid emulsifiers that allow the product to be rinsed off easily, without leaving any oily residue on the skin. (3)

While your face is still damp, apply your regular water-based cleanser, massage in circular motions and rinse off as per usual. Pat dry with a towel and proceed with your regular skincare routine of toner and moisturizer. (4)

Common Myths About Double Cleansing

People with Oily Skin cannot use Oil Cleansers: Dr. Asmal asserts that “not all oils are the same.” However, some oil-based products may be too heavy for those with oilier skin types. Dr. Asmal says that there are, however, gentle and lightweight oil cleansers that “washes away excess sebum and blackheads, and doesn’t leave a dry feeling.”

Only use an Oil-Cleanser when you applied sunscreen or makeup: Dr. Asmal says that “whether you wear makeup or not, you need an oil cleanser to remove sebum, SPF and pollutants.”



Which Cleanser is perfect for your Skin?

- Gel cleansers are designed for deep cleansing, clogged pores and removing oil, bacteria and polluters. They may have exfoliating and antiseptic properties – oily and antibacterial skin. - Cream cleansers are usually thick and they contain moisturising ingredients to ensure that there is no skin stripping- this is used for dry and sensitive skin. - Foam cleansers generally remove excess oil as effectively as gel cleansers. - Oil cleansers gently removes pore clogging substances without drying your skin. - Clay cleansers purify the skin by removing oils and pure clogging substances. - Micellar cleanses have oil molecules that are found in a soft water medium. this can be used for dry and sensitive skin.

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